State of the art facial plastic / reconstructive surgery & Adult stem cell rejuvenation procedures

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Dr. Kadri uses advanced rhinoplasty techniques. His technique of lui is atraumatic which causes little bleeding, and is generally completed without any bruising or swelling post-operation.

To accomplish this patients are placed under local anesthesia with sedation. Each patient is re-evaluated and placed on medications prior to surgery to reduce swelling risk. In 99% of his cases, the procedure is done through the nose to avoid external scarring.

During the procedure nasal breathing passages are fixed internally, membranes are separated without damage, and the nose is reduced from inside out. Unless the nose needs to be fractured it will not be.

In cases where the nose will be fractured, it will be done using the greenstick fracture method. Dr. Kadri uses power instruments to reduce trauma. At the end of the procedure, everything is sealed with a PRP thrombin gel.

A Splint is used only 3-4 days and in some cases, it is not used at all. He does not use nasal packing.


Dr. Kadri uses stem cells for fast healing and better skin results. The procedure is done from the inside out leaving no external scars. Stem cells are injected to prevent scar tissue formation.


Dr. Kadri offers reduction rhinoplasty, chin reduction, and forehead reduction (total bone contouring). He uses a minimal approach and adds adipose stem cells to inhibit scar tissue formation


For those seeking a major transformation or small modifications to change genders.

  • Modification of larynx (Adam’s apple)
  • Bone contouring
  • Chin reduction
  • Nose reduction
  • Superciliary reduction